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A quite major programme of refurbishment has been proposed for Holy Cross church to improve our facilities, and to put right some of the more obvious problem areas such as the deteriorating tiled floor. We have completed a prolonged period of negotiation with the Diocese and are very pleased that we now have approval to proceed with the work.

A funding programme has been started and we are delighted to report that the work is already under way. The first change has been an upgrade to the two vestries that were in a pretty grim state, and have now been beautifully improved by Yealm Kitchens. Next, the church audio equipment has always been a bit shaky and quite difficult for us all to hear properly. This has now been completely replaced with modern equipment, and this improvement will shortly be joined by new projection equipment to help with some of the services and many other uses of the building.

The main body of the remaining work is expected to start after Christmas 2017 and be largely finished before Easter 2018. This includes refurbishing the floor, creating better storage, upgrading the organ, and providing greatly improved toilet and kitchen facilities, together with excellent disabled access. To help us manage this programme we have now engaged a Project Management company – Bailey Partnership, following a selection process including four competitors.

Please do feel free to come in and see the developments as they unfold. You will also find the plans at the back of church so that you can see what is still to come. We will of course continue to report on progress and would welcome comments and questions on the project.

Richard Morgan & Judith Drewer

Holy Cross Wardens