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Dear Friends

I wish you a very Happy Easter and hopefully a sunny Easter holiday season. After all the snow and cold weather, we look forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, and the simultaneous new life in the natural world. I hope you will join us on our Easter journey, through the suffering of Good Friday and into the joy of Easter Day. This is the church’s greatest celebration -  reminding us that, as Jesus rose from the dead, so we can come through death and into eternity. We can have hope beyond the grave, for ourselves and our loved ones, despite the pain of separation, which is what we remember on Good Friday.

At the children’s service on Easter Eve, we shall make Easter gardens, with a stone placed in front of the tomb, ready to be moved away on Easter Day. This is such a powerful image of the way God is able to remove large boulders from our hearts and lives, which block our relationship with him. Mary Magdalene was amazed to find the stone rolled away from the tomb on that first Easter Day. We may also be amazed when God overcomes our resistance to being close to him. Our own ‘boulders’ may be lack of time, bad memories of how church used to be, a lack of faith, or perhaps just being out of the habit of worshipping. If you choose to join us this Eastertide, or at any other time, you will find that all those boulders can be overcome, and you will be very welcome in God’s house and among his people. Like the father in the Prodigal Son story, God waits for us to return to him. Easter is a very good time to make this return.

Holy Week services are listed again in this magazine. They begin on Maundy Thursday, when Holy Cross will re-open for the evening service and vigil. As always, there are services in each parish on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday. Easter Eve for Families will be at Holy Cross at 4pm, with Easter fun and story-telling for children and adults.

After Easter, please note that Morning Prayer is moving to Wednesdays at 8.30am at The Rectory, and coffee will be available afterwards. This is a simple service, when we pray for the needs of our church and the world. Do come and join us! The weekly Prayer Group at Battisborough Cross (Thursdays at 9am) is also open to new members and is another opportunity to gather in a small group for prayer. In the words of William Temple, ‘When I praycoincidences happen, and when I don't, they don't.’

Once again, I wish you a Happy Easter season and many blessings,         Anne